In October 2018 we collaborated with Mars City Design, to create scents that are reminiscent of planet Earth.

I developed 6 scents in total, each is a fragrance I find everyone can relate to and be reminded of a space and time here on our Earth.

This series was called “Earth Memories” and designed as a solution to the homesickness that occur on the long journey to Mars and humans habituating away from planet Earth. I created this scent series as an ode to our beautiful planet and all the life we currently can enjoy here on Earth.

According to NASA astronaut Scott Kelly the international Space Station smells like ‘ a combination of antiseptic, garbage, and body odor. ‘  Earth Memories is a solution for that!

Go have a whiff if you are in London!

Olfactory Art at London Design Museum


for the Moving to Mars exhibit the space will be diffused with


Earth includes the molecule Petrichor, the scent you smell when rain falls on very dry soil.

MARS a fantasy creation with a sharp sulphur top note and a dry sweet burned base.

London Design Museum


I created 6 scents for Mars City Design. Each an earthly fragrance intended to remind us of our planet Earth on the 9 month long journey to Mars.

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