ANKERMADE is an independent artisan fragrance house established in 2017 and based in Los Angeles, California.

Every single scent is formulated and fine-tuned over many months and often years. Sourcing the right materials of the good quality means our sparkling citrus top notes come form wildcrafted Italian Bergamot and our earthly Vetiver helps farmers in Haiti.  When a formula is finally perfect its compounded into a small batch  and the blend rests letting all the oils settle and blend before diluting in natural 190 proof alcohol then bottling one by one. We prefer to use the art of traditional old hands on perfumery techniques.

Our fragrances are 100% original, raw and bold.  sometimes very raw and bold! I design for a modern free-spirit lifestyle and for customers who are searching for different and very original fragrances.

Ankermade is continually evolving and the work now contains a varied collection of bespoke scents. Among the latest is an olfactory piece for the Torrance Art Museum, for the “Lynchland” exhibit.  Ankermade also made 6 scents sold at the London Design Museum to accompany the “Moving to Mars” accompanying our olfactory piece “earth” that was diffused into the exhibit space from October 2019 – February 2020.

We design and create our packaging with sustainability in mind. Favoring a minimal amount of material to be single use and using boxes made in USA and sometimes your bottle will be nestled in post-consumer shredded paper from local businesses. All glass bottles can be refilled (if you are in Los Angeles) and or recycled – they also make a cool single bud vase if you are into that kinda stuff.

Thank you for your interest in Ankermade