LYNCHLAND | Torrance Art Museum, CA | Jan 22 - March 12 2022

LYNCHLAND: Genre, Auteurism and a Fish in the Percolator

Ankermade was invited to create an Olfactory Art piece for the exhibit. An invisible sculpture of sensory art to illuminate the experience for you. The olfactory art is diffused into the space with our “Lost Illusion” made especially for this exhibit. Composed with various “old school” materials the scent is intended to be a Dark, Sexy, Earthy and Smokey with a touch of Surreal Disturbance.


Curators: Tom Dunn and Steve Wolkoff

Participating artists: Alison Blickle, Polly Borland, Debra Broz, Matt Bucy, Bill Dane, Robert Gober, Tomoo Gokita, Tim Hawkinson, Trulee Hall, Shana Moulton, Penelope Umbrico, Tim Youd.

Torrance Art Museum

MOVING TO MARS | London Design Museum | Oct 2019 - Feb 2020

Olfactory Art of Mars + Earth was diffused into the Exhibit Space

Ankermade was invited to create a scent for the “Moving to Mars” exhibit.  As no human has yet set foot on that planet, I could not visit or ask anyone. I began extensive study or rather went down the red planet rabbit hole for months finding out what molecular compositions, temperature and gasses are said to be found on the planet. With that all that research, plus my vast reservoir of imagination, I began the process of finding and purchasing the molecules that would enable me to start the first of many trials and many vials! 

MARS is a creation, formulated after studying the molecular compositions said to be found on the planet Mars. Notes includes a sharp gassy sulphury top note, created with amongst others a touch of garlic essential oil! Then the dusty and dry oxidized iron mid notes with a hint of sweetness and continuing with burned and smokey notes with subtle traces of gun powder.

EARTH is a scent reminiscent of our home planet. This creation is a reformulation of my Pure Rain fragrance with a few notes added. For this   Olfactory experience, I included the original molecule Petrichor, a scent unique to Earth and the scent you smell when rain falls on very dry soil. I found that every person who smelled Pure Rain had a memory of experiencing Earths nature and the freshness and lushness of our planet.


Video Credit Vera Mulyani 

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Olfactory Art | NASA Houston | May 2019

Earth Memories Fragrances
Artisan Fragrance Indie Perfume
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Photo credit NASA Johnson

For the SPACE MOON MARS exhibit at NASA 

Ankermade created 6 bespoke scents for the exhibit. Each an earthly fragrance intended to remind us of our beautiful planet Earth. For the travelers on the long trip in the spaceship to other planets, one whiff of these scents will transported you back right back to the smell of fresh cut grass on  a quiet Sunday morning  or to the barn of a horse farmer out in the countryside etc..

These 6 unique nature inspired scents will provide and escape back to earth on both the long journey in space and on the planet Mars.  



Wet white sand beneath your feet, fresh clean breezes bring so tales of salt, and distant seagull songs..


Wet earth with hints of dewy water lilies, violet leaves sprouting, finally the rain releases the soil’s subtle secrets..


Sharp bitter and Intensely green freshly-mowed grass with a moist hint of a fruity breeze buzzing in the distance..


Sitting on a dusty hay bale, sharing the late afternoon warmth of horses and tack as the dust settles between the stalls..


Midnight by the clearing, warmed by the stone-ringed fire burning sweet pine and crackles of magic as the stars dance..


Subzero morning at dawn, siberian snow covered forest shivers with chill into the frozen sunrise.

*Not available for sale

NASA Johnson Space Center

Exhibit Scent exploration

Olfactory Immersive Events | Herman Miller LA | October 2018

Photo Chacha Sikes

Crema Photo & Scent Exhibit | October 2016 | Silverlake CA

The summer of 2016 I spent a good amount of time driving through the Southwest. Capturing the fantastic scenery along the way and smelling my way though California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

I visited several Rodeo’s – recreating the scent of the horses and the dry dirt of the fields and of course the magnificent warm horses.

Sap from the trees around the Grand Canyon and beyond was collected. This natural resin was tinctured and blended with other materials, to capture the beautiful scent of the canyons in the desert.