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“that’s thirty minutes away. i’ll be there in ten…”

The Wolf, Pulp Fiction by Quentin Jerome Tarantino


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Inspired by the machine and community of wrenching with the crew. Hands dirty with adventure and long rides to look forward to…

A blast of gasoline in your face, oily spark plugs and metallic……I will not attempt to even try to describe and let the below do this justice..

Review by Stephan Matthews

Machine Shop opens with a peppered citrus, accented by galbanum-like greenness, which immediately hints at sunlike glinting off metal. That metallic edge is also skilfully represented and comes through with a coldness that is arresting. An aromatic workshop woodiness surrounds you courtesy of lavender, pine, and cedarwood notes, but the oiled resins then seductively come through. There’s the scent of the patina on the machinery mingling with smoky frankincense, dusty patchouli perfectly complimenting a petrolic rose, and even a hint of apron-like vetiver and suede. With a final touch of hot animalic skin-like musk in the base, Machine Shop exquisitely combines contemporary excitement alongside vintage styling.


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2 ml travel spray, 10 ml Roller ball, 50 ml flacon

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